COMET (COherent Muon to Electron Transition) experiment searches for mu-e conversion at J-PARC.


  1. Straw-Tracker Prototype is ready for beam test Dec/2015

  2. CDC wire stringing completed in Tsukuba Dec/

  3. CM18 at KEK 14-19/Dec/2015

  4. CM17 at LPNHE and software meeting at Lyon Sep/2015

  5. CM16 at BINP Novosibirsk 20-24/April/2015

  6. 1st 90 degree bend solenoid magnet installation competed Mar 2015

  7. CM15 at KEK/J-PARC 26/Jan-30/Jan/2015

  8. Phase-I TDR updated for J-PARC PAC 1/Oct/2014

  9. CM14 at TSU 22/Sep-26/Sep/2014

  10. CM13 at IHEP 7/May-13/May/2014

  11. COMET building construction started ! Visit our “What’s new”

  12. COMET magnet system review meeting 31/Jan/2014

  13. high-p/COMET beam line review meeting 30/Jan/2014

  14. TDR updated for COMET international review meeting 21-22/Jan/2014

  15. CM12 at Kyushu  6/Jan-10/Jan/2014

  16. CM11 at JINR 30/Sep-5/Oct/2013

  17. Phase-I TDR submitted, 2013 Sep

  18. J-PARC Hadron hall accident  May/2013 [Message from J-PARC director]

  19. CM10 at KEK 23-25/April/2013

  20. COMET facility construction is approved in JFY 2012 supplementary budget

  21. Collaboration meeting in KEK, 2013 Jan

  22. Phase-I proposal submitted to J-PARC PAC, 2012 July

  23. Collaboration meeting in ICL & UCL, 2012 July

  24. Phase-I LoI submitted, 2012 March

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μ-e conversion search using J-PARC high intensity pulsed proton beam

J-PARC, Ibaraki Japan